close to the edge – yes

One thing about belonging to someone whose favourite noises are made by Journey and Runrig is my growing acceptance of prog rock. Ok, I’ll put my hand up for (freaks era) Hawkwind, and Yes’ ‘close to the edge’, but Genesis? Nah. Pretty much everything else Yes imposed on the world? No thanks. However, the last […]

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music – john miles

My musical history began in the early-to-mid sixties. Family legend had it I could recognise a specific 7″ single by the distinctive red-and-white label and would take it from the box and bring it to a nearby parent for them to play. And, as small children do, I would drag this record out repeatedly, insisting […]

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boredom – the buzzcocks

Still thinking about draconian governments and the jobless being used like a political football. It’s a shame the most vocal opposition to this government seems mired in a very black-and-white misery of its own. “Don’t be fucking,” they clamour. “And definately, do not be committing all that pervy stuff.” As if that wasn’t bad enough, […]

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time – pink floyd

I started thinking yesterday about how much time and effort goes into working – even in jobs that would make you rip your own throat out if you sobered up for any length of time. That nice Mr Hitler, back in the 1930s, created full employment by sacking every woman in the country with a […]

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stupidity – dr feelgood

I’m working too much. Worst of all, the job’s actually pretty good fun. Something I can get my teeth into, an activity that demands my full concentration for a goodly chunk of each day and leaves me spent and gary glittered after it’s over. I’m pretty lucky. Most people don’t have jobs that’ll let them […]

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heat – soft cell

This heat’s killing me. I’m just not designed for it. I’m permanently floored, like a hangover with neither beginning nor end. Each day, I exceed my brain’s maximum operating temperature and each night, I’m wiped out. I have no energy, all I want to do is blob out. If I wasn’t working just now, I […]

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