i crawled – swans

The bairn has neglected to pay the internet again, making it impossible to back this month’s novel up to the cloud. So I’m having to leave two hours early for work – to use in-town wi-fi – and I haven’t a fucking clue what my word count is. I’m praying the bus station has free […]

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close to the edge – yes

One thing about belonging to someone whose favourite noises are made by Journey and Runrig is my growing acceptance of prog rock. Ok, I’ll put my hand up for (freaks era) Hawkwind, and Yes’ ‘close to the edge’, but Genesis? Nah. Pretty much everything else Yes imposed on the world? No thanks. However, the last […]

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cop – swans

This is one of the greatest sixteen rpm, bludgeoning ab-metal albums ever made. A lugubrious cry for help against a stupid, unintelligible universe. The sound itself is deep, leaden, like being eaten alive by sabre-tooth cancer. The vocals blend rage and despair, tiny melodic highlights sparkle like scattered teeth after a discussion on religious freedom. […]

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inner mind mystique – masonna

Masonna’s ‘inner mind mystique’ is, to my mind, one of the greatest noise albums of all time. Clocking in at a miniscule thirty-eight-and-a-half minutes, like big black’s ‘songs about fucking’ or swans ‘cop’, to have gone on any longer would have smeared the message too thin and diluted the effect. I saw masonna live in […]

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