a little rain – tom waits

After last month’s read through of ‘Person Hair’ on my tablet (thank you Calibre!) I’ve been able to get started on editing it. Again, I’m using Aldiko on my tablet and forcing in notes where I need to make changes, anything from a wrNog word to an entire section that needs gutted and rewritten from […]

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wasted – def leppard

I’ve just spent two hours editing half a dozen episodes of Dreich noir and when I went to back it up, lo! It was as if I hadn’t touched them! If I worked for an employer, I’d have some explaining to do, but since I’m self-employed, I’m mulling over giving myself a verbal warning for […]

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trying to grow a chin – zappa

I’ve just sat down with 1919 for the first time in a week, smoothing and polishing the first half of December. And the break’s done me good, I believe. It’s too easy to lose sight of all the individual trees when I’m wrapped up in the wood. So. Fresh eyes and I approached it with […]

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guitar man – bread

I’m three quarters of the way through ‘1919’. I did most of it yesterday before work and it seems to be taking shape, the more I object to it. Being a bit busy with work, I’m trying to juggle time and make enough of it to get on with the important stuff. The stuff that […]

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nothing – fluffy

Just couldn’t get going this morning. I woke up around seven and reached for the draft of ‘Light entertainment’ that I started going through last night. nothing. It just wouldn’t come. So, I changed tack. Had a look on twitter, read through a bit more of the scrivener manual. It’s only four days since I […]

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