i travel – simple minds

I’m starting to get excited about my upcoming research week. I mean really excited. ‘Brief-yet-spirited happy-dance’ excited. Of course, sod’s law being what it is, it’s going to clash with the start of ‘coalface’ (to give transgressionata its’ sunday-best name) but what the hell? That’s why the good lord gave us scheduling functions on blogging […]

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are you ready – rollins band

Up at 08:00 and straight into ‘dreich noir’. there’s no pressing need to, but I want to keep slamming out a good eighteen hundred words each morning so that come wednesday, I’ll slide gracefully from Edinburgh avant-fucking into feudal sci-fi relationship-sadism. or something. When I embark on a new novel, it always takes me a […]

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the outsider – ian hunter

A Domme friend of mine commented recently, having read ‘dreich noir’, that she was amazed by all the vanilla sex therein. My second novel, ‘at home, at work, at play’, like ‘1919’, was about a fem-dom relationship. They always say you should write what you know, however I didn’t want to be ‘the guy who […]

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