the crusher – the novas

In a PR masterstroke, Cambridge Analytica have rebranded themselves as Cambridge Rapist Analytica. After this week’s revelations, they really had to try to turn thermselves into something that the public could feel a bit more positive about. On the surface, a bunch of retired spooks and tories building an organisation to subvert democracy through electronic […]

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Panicking Cameron tries to tell Mancunians, “Scotland called your ma a slag”

In a move even his own backbenchers described as “desperate and pathetic”, on-the-ropes Prime Minister David Cameron addressed a crowd of supporters in Manchester yesterday, telling them, that Scotland hated them and that he had personally heard Scotland calling their mother a fat slag and a stupid old bitch. “Don’t let them move their border […]

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we kill the beast – xtc

I’m about twenty-five thousand words into this month’s NaNo. It’s (touch wood) pouring out like the piss leaks out of a kicked tramp and I’ve been lucky enough to experience that magical trance-world of just sitting back as the in-skull movie unfurls in my head and typing like a madman, trying to keep up with […]

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ripper territory – whitehouse

I haven’t posted in here for a couple of weeks. In truth, I’ve still not fully got over November’s viral attack. I’m trying to rest, eat well and generally keep myself clean and warm. All to no avail. I’m felled by each and every bug, disease and germ that I come to the attention of. […]

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dead end street – the kinks

There seems to be a massive effort among those who believe themselves to be in charge to destroy everything that originally made the masturbation superhighway interesting around twenty years ago. Remember the early nineties? When the world wide web was fresh and exciting and nut-cases pointed webcams at their worm ranches and invited the world […]

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