spider – they might be giants

I have enough of the basic idea of the plot of ‘Coal Face’ now. Now that I’m starting to pull the central thread out of my arse like a large spider, it’s time to weave in the sub-plots – racism, sectarianism and sexual tension. This will probably turn out to be the great scottish novel […]

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tell me a story – iggy pop

I’ve been working my way through bob mayer’s book, ‘writing fiction’ and it’s sparking off ideas, new ways of looking at the process of storytelling. For me, if I had to write the same book over and over, the magic would soon pale. So every time I write something, I try to do something different […]

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black eye – fluffy

On train. First of about four I’ll be on today. Allergies giving me gyp – eyes watering, unable to breathe deeply enough, it feels like. I revised another section of ‘person-hair’ yesterday, threading in a few new scenes and working out where the dialogue should go. I’d get bored if I had to write the […]

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the idea – adam & the ants

I’m really surging forward with dreich NOiR just now. The ideas are coming thick and fast and shooting off into areas I hadn’t even considered. This is what I love about writing. That dropping into a trancelike state and transcribing the in-skull movies I find there. I’m not sure what went wrNog with dreich NOiR […]

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