she’s in parties – bauhaus

I’m almost sorry – almost – that the next month will be spent, instead of arguing politics with my fellow man, writing the first draft of my next work. With the general election just the other side of NaNoCamp, I’ll be taking a wee hiatus from the merry cut and thrust of the Westmonster parties […]

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to defy the laws of tradition- primus

Watching ‘Question time’ last night (yeah, that’s why this is late – a lot happening) with Russell Brand and noted evil puppet Nigel Fromage, I’m struck by the increasing levels of separation in UK politics. In Scotland, we have record levels of engagement, people actually, y’know, discussing politics while the word from south of the […]

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baby milk snatcher – a.r. kane (an open letter to prime monster david cameron)

I just heard this morning that some maniacs somewhere have decided that the August bank holiday is to be rebranded as Margaret Thatcher day. This is easily the best news I’ve had since given up smoking. And about as much fun. Considering  multiple rapist Jimmy Saville spent eleven Christmases at Chequers with that nice Mrs […]

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bad baby – public image limited

I’m writing this on December sixteenth. I just saw a tweet about ‘baby banks’ and I’m shocked, stunned and angry. We’re all used to this government by now. Slashing jobs and expanding poverty to make their own money seem much more worthwhile. We all know about the explosion of food banks. If you’re anything like […]

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time – pink floyd

I started thinking yesterday about how much time and effort goes into working – even in jobs that would make you rip your own throat out if you sobered up for any length of time. That nice Mr Hitler, back in the 1930s, created full employment by sacking every woman in the country with a […]

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mamma mia – abba

Continuing on from yesterday, isn’t it about time the Neurovision ‘song’ Contest was replaced by a war crimes tribunal? First on the block: those two bitches from abba for their heinous crimes against gentlemanity. Next up, the other two bastards – for gender treason. After that, once public opinion is on our side, we can […]

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