do it again – steely dan

99% of fiction, I’ll read once and never consider going back to. William S Burroughs, I can reread, mostly down to the gorgeous ‘poetry’ of his prose. I am, after all, a schemie. The urban poor. I object to poetry. It undermines my manhood. When I got my first e-reader, back in 2011, practically housebound […]

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shockwork – test dept

I realise I haven’t written anything about writing for a while. Last November, my health collapsed – right in the middle of NaNoWriMo – and I ended up taking five weeks off work, as well as really struggling to finish the book I was working on. Since then, my health has been intermittent, to say […]

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things can only get better – d:ream

I’m writing this on Friday – that’s last week to you. The Labour leadership results will have been announced over twenty-four hours ago. At present, nobody (apart from Burnham, Cooper, Kendal, Cameron, Osborne and the like) are predicting anything other than a Corbyn landslide. Of course, for the great unhosed – and particularly in Scotland […]

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sunday – the freeze

It’s Sunday. I’m writing this, full of the cold, on next-to-no sleep, following my neighbours’ overnight face-punching exhibition – with shrieking – so I’m not exactly at my best. By the time you read this (or get a grown-up to read it to you) it’ll be election day. If you live in the UK, you’ll […]

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typical girls – the slits

From ‘Wrecking ball’ to dollgate – our plucky unionist press have heroically tried to share the information Scotland needs in order to not embarrass ourselves at the polling booths next week. Of course, with Nigel Fromage dictating conservative strategy and David Cameron dictating labour’s, the generification of UK politics is almost complete. Remember, neither Cameron […]

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