ripper territory – whitehouse

I haven’t posted in here for a couple of weeks. In truth, I’ve still not fully got over November’s viral attack. I’m trying to rest, eat well and generally keep myself clean and warm. All to no avail. I’m felled by each and every bug, disease and germ that I come to the attention of. […]

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to defy the laws of tradition- primus

Watching ‘Question time’ last night (yeah, that’s why this is late – a lot happening) with Russell Brand and noted evil puppet Nigel Fromage, I’m struck by the increasing levels of separation in UK politics. In Scotland, we have record levels of engagement, people actually, y’know, discussing politics while the word from south of the […]

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the future – leonard cohen

One positive that’s come out of last week’s vote for more robbery, poverty and rape is that we almost won despite the combined weight of the country’s media. Every paper in the country – bar one – and the BBC, spewed propaganda. If you wanted news, you went abroad or you got it from Facebook […]

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the time is now – moloko

First of all, beloved readers, sorry about the recent radio silence. A whole swarm of personal pish-demons, with April’s NaNo hot on their wee heels led to me having to batten down the hatches for a few weeks. Anyway, those days are gone and the time is now. And this blog should be a weekly […]

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boredom – the buzzcocks

Still thinking about draconian governments and the jobless being used like a political football. It’s a shame the most vocal opposition to this government seems mired in a very black-and-white misery of its own. “Don’t be fucking,” they clamour. “And definately, do not be committing all that pervy stuff.” As if that wasn’t bad enough, […]

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