autoimmune – pharmakon

No entry last week as the (virtually) impossible has happened. Although I pride myself on my overall health and take enough minerals and vitamins every morning to count as a superhero, one got through. While all around me were collapsing with the sabre-toothed stomach bug and updating their Facebook status from a miasma of diarrhoea […]

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no sacrifice – nocturnal emissions

I’ve been rickety all week. Struck down with the gentleman-flu – the galloping gentleman-flu. I have generated mucous from my face-holes, low-or-no energy and savaged concentration. That said, writing up my daily journal this morning (I didn’t, right over the days-of-sickness) I found myself drawing on memories from saturday morning as if I was squeezing […]

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warm – family fodder

And another bloody cold! I only put the last one to bed a matter of weeks ago and everyone at work’s sniffling again – me included. I suppose, as I get older, my body’s going to fail more and more until I achieve room-temperature. And it’s bearing up pretty well thus far. The asthma which […]

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it was cold – the ruts

I’m aware there’s been about a week’s worth of radio silence. A combination of work, tiredness and streaming cold. Plus the internet stopped coming to my house. I’m hoping 2013 will see a return to the golden age of downloading, uploading and daily access to social media – as it was in the good old […]

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