are you ready – rollins band

I’m getting ready for NaNoWriMo. (So yeah, these are written in advance, but the message is the same, right?) I’m writing this at the home of my Superior Half, waiting until it’s time for the train back to the wilderness I call home-and-work-and-shit. I’ve got the house to myself, even the cat has headed off […]

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new church – the adverts

This is the third novel I’ve written in the form of a blog. With ‘1919’, I had no idea what I was doing, just wrote a bit every day and tried to keep the story moving – while looking at the issues in my life at that point. When it came time to write ‘dreich […]

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this picture – placebo

I mind-mapped the last eight characters in transgressionata. Oh, and I have a more sensible title for the project now, too. It feels like putting together a jigsaw. A bit here, another bit there and now I have almost the entire outside edge – all four sides. I can see the overall shape of the […]

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right to work – chelsea

I’ve worked in the people business for almost twenty years now and transgressionata is the first time I’ve written about that particular industry. Before that, I washed dishes, swept streets, worked as ‘village idiot’ on the odd building site and even worked in a couple of offices. Oh yeah, and I was a stripper’s labourer, […]

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