shockwork – test dept

I realise I haven’t written anything about writing for a while. Last November, my health collapsed – right in the middle of NaNoWriMo – and I ended up taking five weeks off work, as well as really struggling to finish the book I was working on. Since then, my health has been intermittent, to say […]

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holidays in the sun – sex pistols

Ah well, that’s another NaNo ‘finished’ (if any book can ever be considered to be finished!) More correctly, that’s another first draft squeezed and grunted and screamed out, bloody and violent and shit-smeared but, by God, beautiful. It’s not perfect, but it’ll lie fallow for a few months or years, before I get down to […]

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we kill the beast – xtc

I’m about twenty-five thousand words into this month’s NaNo. It’s (touch wood) pouring out like the piss leaks out of a kicked tramp and I’ve been lucky enough to experience that magical trance-world of just sitting back as the in-skull movie unfurls in my head and typing like a madman, trying to keep up with […]

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she’s in parties – bauhaus

I’m almost sorry – almost – that the next month will be spent, instead of arguing politics with my fellow man, writing the first draft of my next work. With the general election just the other side of NaNoCamp, I’ll be taking a wee hiatus from the merry cut and thrust of the Westmonster parties […]

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the time is now – moloko

First of all, beloved readers, sorry about the recent radio silence. A whole swarm of personal pish-demons, with April’s NaNo hot on their wee heels led to me having to batten down the hatches for a few weeks. Anyway, those days are gone and the time is now. And this blog should be a weekly […]

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change – lou reed

There’s been a wee break in transmission in both my blogs. Quite a lot has happened – indeed how could it ever fail to be so, life being what it invariably is? As great uncle Lou said (before he died, obviously) “the only thing constantly changing is change; and change is always for the worst.” […]

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dirt in the ground – tom waits

That’s me hit thirty-thousand words (okay, thirty-one thousand, but who’s splitting hairs?) And, as is usual when I’m this deep in a novel, I’m worrying whether I’ll rin out of plot before I hit fifty thousand and the wee bell rings. I’ve been at work since monday, so everything I’ve written this week has been […]

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