the prisoner – the clash

Now that the dust has settled, it’s probably time to describe my research project in full. I put myself in the hands of A Trusted Other and lived for a week as her 24/7 slave. I was blindfolded and driven to an undisclosed location in southern scotland, where there was no phone coverage, no internet […]

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I write the b-sides – eels

I’ve just received the text from #2 son, informing me that my desk, chair and filing cabinet were delivered. I’m trying not to ‘freak the straights’ (baby), by lapsing into a brief-yet-spirited happy-dance, but it’s hard not giving in to the urge. So tonight’s primary task will be rebooting my bedroom from a fornicatorium fallen […]

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pure morning – placebo

I mentioned last week my lifelong interest in BDSM. A Domme friend said to me, a few years ago now, that “most people go through the pupal stage and emerge as perverts once their kids have grown up. You had all the angst and self-questioning before you were even sexually active.” Which, to be frank, […]

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