your without sound – clock dva

I left my rucksack in a taxi last Saturday. Second, third maybe, time – in my life – I haven’t memorised the taxi number in case of this sort of thing. There’s about twenty CDs in the rucksack, including John Cale’s ‘The island years’ which I haven’t played yet and disks three-to-six of Miles Davis’ […]

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january – pilot

it’s too easy to let things pile up, isn’t it? Life can get on top of you and it all seems too much – there seems to be no edge one can get one’s fingernails into and we end up steamrolled by something that appears massive like a shark. When, in actual fact, problems, hassles […]

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repetition – the fall

I’ve been thinking a lot about the aging process recently. When I was in my late teens, i read Yukio Mishima’s ‘Seas of fertility’ quartet and, a few years later, read Iain Banks’ ‘The wasp factory’. The former, in particular is an appreciably different proposition at eighteen to the same book viewed after a further […]

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goodbye my love – the glitter band

Rolf Harris was lifted – again recently – and it didn’t even trend on twitter. Last December, the yewtree arrests were like an 1970s-themed advent calendar. Each morning, we awoke, bursting with excitement, eager to see who’d been huckled this time. And a little over six months later, we’re like, “meh…” We’re not shocked any […]

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time – pink floyd

I started thinking yesterday about how much time and effort goes into working – even in jobs that would make you rip your own throat out if you sobered up for any length of time. That nice Mr Hitler, back in the 1930s, created full employment by sacking every woman in the country with a […]

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