feed the enemy – magazine

I actually look back on the New Musical Express with fondness from about 1976-1982. After that, it tended to reflect the shitty music that was available across the mainstream – from Haircut 100 to Kajagoogoo. Arguably worthwhile writers like Paul Morley were reduced to writing about shite like Scritti Politti as the most interesting music […]

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back in the night – dr feelgood

It’s almost as if my life’s gone full circle. Which is good, since if this is the case, I must be almost finished and can look forward to a nice long rest in the ground. It’s odd, going back to catering work after all these years. When I abandoned the industry, back in the mid-nineties, […]

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victoria – the fall

In the two years I didn’t post in this journal, I kept myself busy with a string of romantic interludes. Taking a leaf from Sir John Major’s book, I chose a return to Victorian values, enjoying dalliance after dalliance as perhaps Gladstone himself might have. Here are just some of the highlights: 1. Fustigated by […]

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devil behind that bush – the cramps

February 13th, 2018 is not only Henry Rollins’ 57th birthday, but for those of you familiar with the US sitcom ‘Parks and Recreation’, Galantine’s Day. It’s also the release date for some of my new work. Just in time for Valentines day, making it the perfect accompaniment to slow, languid lovemaking or a ferocious sexual […]

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back from the dead – the adverts

I was surprised to discover that two years had gone by since I last posted on this blog. Real life can ambush you sometimes, can’t it? Enough people have commented on the celebrity deaths that smeared themselves over 2016 like a corpse in a Derek Raymond novel. Bowie’s being the worst, followed by Alan Vega’s. […]

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fictionromance – buzzcocks

I haven’t posted in here for a while, so I thought I’d kick off with a list of all the books I worked my way through in 2017. 03 i 17 – a decent ride – Irvine Welsh 07 i 17 – the apocalypse codex – Charles Stross 09 i 17 – broken skin – […]

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broken man – status quo

I haven’t posted in here (or pretty much anywhere else) for ages. The truth is, I’ve been falling to bits since November of 2014, when I went down with a couple of bugs within a day or two of each other. Then, I was off work for five weeks and ever since, I’m getting exhausted […]

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born in a prison – the mob

The big problem nobody’s addressing with regard to the twelve hundred free-range paedophiles is, where are we going to put them?According to exaro news, as of last month, police had identified fourteen hundred sexual predators. Two hundred are dead and a further two hundred or so are ‘prominent’ people – respected politicians and much-loved light […]

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Seige over as Murphy gives himself up

There were tears of joy, hugs and a certain amount of whistling today as former First Minister to be Jim Murphy put down his weapon and gave himself up to police. Late this morning, Murphy’s voice could be heard, delivering the same rambling lecture that had started last Friday when he learned that he’d been […]

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i travel – simple minds

Trying to get to work these days is getting progressively more repulsive and terrifying. Waiting at a bus stop’s like a scratchcard – only, you’ve a far better chance of winning when the odds are only a million or so to one against you. Essentially, while I still have a job, I have a couple […]

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