nothing – fluffy

Just couldn’t get going this morning. I woke up around seven and reached for the draft of ‘Light entertainment’ that I started going through last night. nothing. It just wouldn’t come. So, I changed tack. Had a look on twitter, read through a bit more of the scrivener manual. It’s only four days since I […]

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108 – head of david

National Novel Writing Month ( takes place every November and I really can’t recommend it highly enough. NaNoWriMo (as well as camp NaNoWriMo, now held in June and August) give one the opportunity – and encouragement – to attack a novel, to squeeze out a first draft in a month. After a life spent waiting […]

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the last film – kissing the pink

I got up this morning and hammered out three-and-a-half thousand words, taking my total up to just over thirty thousand. This ‘dystopian’ novel is really taking shape! I have less than four more sections to go – say twenty to twenty-five thousand words and around twelve more days to complete it in. easy-peasy! In November […]

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shockwork – test department

Starting a new full-time job on the same day as I embark on a new novel? Is anybody else ludicrous enough to do this? Nah, I thought not. I was offered the job back in May and told it would be ‘two to four weeks’ before all the necessary paperwork was completed and I could […]

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blackout – david bowie

I was just about to head for my nest last night. I’d even said a jocular cheerio to all my imaginary pals on twitter when Colonel T Parker contacted me to say that the copy of ‘1919’ I’d sent her was unreadable. I’d trashed the layout. Oh, how we laughed. Or, at least shouted at […]

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action – the sweet

Up at seven, revised another dozen pages of “the last film”. now that it’s building to its shuddering climax, i’m starting to feel almost maternal towards the fucker. I’m smoothing the dialogue – both internal and external – and bringing all the strands together for the ending. Revising’s a whole different ball-game to the flat-out […]

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the passenger – iggy pop

I’m writing this on the bus back from a meeting at the home of Colonel T Parker, my sabre-toothed necessary evil. It’s dark and i’m not really wearing sunglasses. In amongst all our plotting an’ a-schemin’, we printed out the manuscript of “the light entertainment”, which i’ll start revising in due course. Probably December – […]

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