a little rain – tom waits

After last month’s read through of ‘Person Hair’ on my tablet (thank you Calibre!) I’ve been able to get started on editing it. Again, I’m using Aldiko on my tablet and forcing in notes where I need to make changes, anything from a wrNog word to an entire section that needs gutted and rewritten from […]

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i travel – simple minds

It was a quarter to eight when I checked the weekly staffing rota and noticed that the next member of staff would be coming in at eight-thirty, not nine. I busied myself getting ready half an hour faster than I would ordinarily and lo and behold! My opposite number, a young woman I’d never clapped […]

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big sky – lou reed

Lou Reed’s death came as a complete surprise. I was at work last night when d texted me with the information. It’s the following day now. I awoke, feeling numb and wrung out. As if Diana or Jade Goody had perished all over again. Which is ironic. I’ve laughed at imbeciles on both those occasions, […]

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i crawled – swans

The bairn has neglected to pay the internet again, making it impossible to back this month’s novel up to the cloud. So I’m having to leave two hours early for work – to use in-town wi-fi – and I haven’t a fucking clue what my word count is. I’m praying the bus station has free […]

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placebo – too many friends

What the fuck is it with Placebo? Their even-numbered LPs bristle with heart-wrenching anthems, songs that make you want to laugh and cry and explode in a starburst-supernova and punch the air, roaring like a burning creature. But the odd-numbered ones? Fuck. Ignoring the first LP, ‘Black Market Music’ had a couple of good songs, […]

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