back in the night – dr feelgood

It’s almost as if my life’s gone full circle. Which is good, since if this is the case, I must be almost finished and can look forward to a nice long rest in the ground. It’s odd, going back to catering work after all these years. When I abandoned the industry, back in the mid-nineties, […]

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devil behind that bush – the cramps

February 13th, 2018 is not only Henry Rollins’ 57th birthday, but for those of you familiar with the US sitcom ‘Parks and Recreation’, Galantine’s Day. It’s also the release date for some of my new work. Just in time for Valentines day, making it the perfect accompaniment to slow, languid lovemaking or a ferocious sexual […]

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back from the dead – the adverts

I was surprised to discover that two years had gone by since I last posted on this blog. Real life can ambush you sometimes, can’t it? Enough people have commented on the celebrity deaths that smeared themselves over 2016 like a corpse in a Derek Raymond novel. Bowie’s being the worst, followed by Alan Vega’s. […]

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die when you die – gg allin

Lemmy wasn’t that much of a shocker, was it? He’s been deteriorating for the last few years and it’s a tribute to his cast iron constitution that he made it to his seventieth birthday, beating Mick Farren, who ‘only’ made it to sixty-nine, in the process. Bowie, though? I always kind of thought he’d go […]

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pop will eat itself – eat me drink me love me kill me

Sorry about the break in transmission. I’ve not posted on here in a while. I’ve never really got on top of last year’s raging sickness. And last month’s NaNo damn near killed me! I’ve never really got back on my feet since November, when I was sucker-punched by a couple of opportunistic viruses and drop-kicked […]

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Ramones scent not really selling that well

Following on from the massive success chainstores have had in selling clothing emblazoned with the cover of the first Ramones’ album, an imaginative new Scottish start up has released a matching scent. Although the predominant smell is industrial adhesive, there is also a strong undercurrent of stale sweat and a lingering afterburn of rectal mucous […]

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holidays in the sun – sex pistols

Ah well, that’s another NaNo ‘finished’ (if any book can ever be considered to be finished!) More correctly, that’s another first draft squeezed and grunted and screamed out, bloody and violent and shit-smeared but, by God, beautiful. It’s not perfect, but it’ll lie fallow for a few months or years, before I get down to […]

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a little rain – tom waits

After last month’s read through of ‘Person Hair’ on my tablet (thank you Calibre!) I’ve been able to get started on editing it. Again, I’m using Aldiko on my tablet and forcing in notes where I need to make changes, anything from a wrNog word to an entire section that needs gutted and rewritten from […]

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sweet gene vincent – ian dury and the blockheads

The death of Alvin Stardust is like another bent nail in the coffin of my youth. He might not be remembered for much, but when I was growing big-boy hair, he was a glam rock Gene Vincent, a Leo Sayer who looked like he could fight. In other news, vast, morbid crowds of keyboard hooligans […]

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i travel – simple minds

It was a quarter to eight when I checked the weekly staffing rota and noticed that the next member of staff would be coming in at eight-thirty, not nine. I busied myself getting ready half an hour faster than I would ordinarily and lo and behold! My opposite number, a young woman I’d never clapped […]

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