le freak – chic

Up at 05:00 and into the idiots’ graveyard. I only wrote 450 words or so, but they were good words. One or two of them even groovy. This is like march all over again. It’s the 13th today and I’ve yet to have even three or four days’ clear run at the fucker. March was […]

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slow motion – ultravox!

At last I’ve slowed down from last month’s blur of frenetic activity. I’m revising ‘Light entertainment’ and cobbling together the ideas for November’s ‘Hassle-home’ novel. Both of which are nice gentle plodders. I can pick them up when I want and put them down when I don’t want. I think I enjoy every phase of […]

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shadow – tindersticks

I’m maybe halfway through chapter two of ‘Light entertainment’. I’m starting to like the prose a bit better. The characters are starting to come to life a bit more, too. Starting to feel a bit more like people and less like pegs I hammered in to hang bits of plot on. This’ll probably never see […]

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school’s out – alice cooper

A well-deserved day off. Everything’s running smoothly in my writing and I’m six days into an eleven day stretch at work, so I took twenty-four hours out and watched ‘Battle in heaven’ again. I probably watch it once a year or so and each time, I’m re-amazed by the sheer scope of the thing. From […]

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new thing in cartons – fire engines

I got up around eight and ripped into ‘Light entertainment’, completing around two thousand words, which is the majority of the first chapter. Perhaps more importantly, I used scrivener for the first time. Obviously, on my first outing, I’m only using a fraction of its capabilities (and, although dragging ‘n’ dropping files from open office […]

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down down – status quo

Finally made a start on revising ‘Light entertainment’ last night. I’ve been staring at it for the last few days, willing it to rework itself – nothing. The last year’s taught me that squeezing out a first draft in a month is possible. Hopefully I can now pick up editing in a similar amount of […]

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nothing – fluffy

Just couldn’t get going this morning. I woke up around seven and reached for the draft of ‘Light entertainment’ that I started going through last night. nothing. It just wouldn’t come. So, I changed tack. Had a look on twitter, read through a bit more of the scrivener manual. It’s only four days since I […]

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money – pink floyd

I’ve mentioned NaNoWriMo before, but in March of this year I decided to see if I had the discipline to write a novel without the support safety-net – before I got too used to it and reliant upon it. Part of the writing process, for me, is the constant search for new ways to do […]

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