He’s a whore – big black

Another two thousand words squeezed out last night after a full day’s training. That’s me well over thirty thousand (I’m assuming – I didn’t update my word count last night). I’ve hit that point where characters are starting to surprise me – doing and saying things I never planned and didn’t expect. There’s a point […]

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the bump – kenny

I got in after another day spent training and ground out another fifteen hundred words. Not my one thousand, six hundred and sixty-seven, but not far off it. I still need to write at least two thousand words per day to finish on time. I had hoped of being back up-to-date by tonight, but that’s […]

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a past gone mad – the fall

I managed five thousand words yesterday and another twenty-five hundred today, taking my total up to twenty-seven-and-a-half thousand this month. Now and again, I get a day (or two) where the prose just pours out like pish from a sleeping jakey and each time, I’m surprised at just how groovy that feels. I feel really […]

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le freak – chic

Up at 05:00 and into the idiots’ graveyard. I only wrote 450 words or so, but they were good words. One or two of them even groovy. This is like march all over again. It’s the 13th today and I’ve yet to have even three or four days’ clear run at the fucker. March was […]

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mr knowitall – primus

Fourteen thousand words already. The plot’s hanging together fairly well, if not the characters. And, as always, as soon as I start writing the thing, I get a million new ideas. If anything, I’ve been beating myself up over how little work I’ve been doing on my novel. Damn, this protestant work ethic – it’s […]

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child in time – deep purple

That’s me on eleven thousand words. And, strange as it may seem, it’s not going all that badly. I’ve already ripped out a chunk of my outline and replaced a PUAs meeting with an avon-lady suicide cult. I wrote a draft of this back in 1998. So I dug this out and I’m reading through […]

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shockwork – test department

Well, that’s NaNo started – again. Up at nine, two thousand, one hundred and twenty-one words by about twelve. Feels pretty good being back in the saddle again, I have to say. All those worries plaguing me for the last week or two – the characters are tired, I couldny finish this in 1997, there’s […]

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right to work – chelsea

Quite a miserable start to the morning. Brutally dismal weather, the sort that sends the suicide rate crashing through the ceiling. Still, considering I’m about to embark on a novel dealing with unemployment, forced labour and poison-government, this is probably a positive. Ideally, I can coast on all this negativity around me. Two people I […]

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