right to work – chelsea

I’ve worked in the people business for almost twenty years now and transgressionata is the first time I’ve written about that particular industry. Before that, I washed dishes, swept streets, worked as ‘village idiot’ on the odd building site and even worked in a couple of offices. Oh yeah, and I was a stripper’s labourer, […]

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out of control – kim fowley

#FollowFriday on twitter (or #FF). I don’t manage it every week, but when I do, I usually push the boat out and make of it something strange and beautiful. Yesterday afternoon, I based it on ‘the hunger games’ – and found two dozen people who hadn’t had the sense not to talk to me in […]

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defecting grey – the pretty things

A decent night’s sleep, after a day spent slumped in front of sitcoms and old Tarrentino movies. Up around nine and I battered straight into dreich noir, which I’ve left untouched since november’s nano. Because dreich noir started out as an exercise in writing a narrator as unlike me as possible, getting started can feel […]

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down down – status quo

It’s always weird, getting to the end of another novel. There’s always that wee dip when it’s finally over. Okay, it’s only a first draft, but for the last month, I’ve been living and breathing that parallel universe where all the monsters, bastards and giants I’ve ever worked beside all frolicked and gambolled together in […]

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Horrorshow – the scars

Forty-seven and-a-half thousand words down. It’s wednesday night and I’m taking a well-deserved breather. I’m becoming horribly addicted to series one of homelands – although it seems to be sagging a wee bit in the second haf of the series. Ever since carrie mentioned theolonius, soft jazz has followed her around. Plus, she felt it […]

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January – pilot

Monday afternoon: These are going up around forty-eight hours after they’re written. At the time of writing, I have forty-three-and-a-half thousand words down, leaving me six-and-a-half k to grind out by friday. I think I can manage. I only have chapter one to write now, so I’m folding in a lot of cut-ins, one or […]

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The distance – cake

That’s me cracked forty thousand words. I wrung out five thousand yesterday, which brought my total up to thirty-eight-and-a-half thousand and this morning, I’ve done two-and-a-half thousand. I’m closing in on the magic fifty-k. After I finished last night, I chilaxed, watched russ meyer’s ‘vixen’ (for the editing, obviously) before discovering ‘homeland’, which number two […]

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Any day now – cop shoot cop

Ah well, that’s another two thousand words ground out and my month’s count stands at about thirty-two-and-a-half thousand). I started reading “the hunger games” (yeah – trendsetter, me)… Hmmm. It’s probably already too late to accuse suzanne collins of ripping off “the light entertainment” – which I wrote in march of this year. I canny […]

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