winter – the fall

If climate change is imaginary, why is the weather at the start of the news, instead of at the end? And last night, we had an hour-long Reporting Scotland special on the fact that it was a bit cold. Across the country, people are being taken by surprise by a bit of snow. It’s not […]

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wild is the wind – david bowie

I don’t see what all the fuss is about wind farms. They provide cheap, clean electricity that will never run out. There are, as I see it, only two significant problems. Firstly, birds collide with the propellers and secondly, they’re created – in part – out of rare metals. Which our planet cannot continue to […]

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shat out of hell – cradle of filth

Visiting Ipswich, I’m struck by the difference in poverty between here and Scotland. The burg itself is about the size of Kirkcaldy, the architecture reminiscent of Chatham in Kent. Long curved streets made of Victorian-era terraced houses leading to the central explosion of consumerama. I spotted an HMV and a Maplin, neither of which exist […]

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video eyes – the bongos

Win or lose, who fancies boycotting the media for a bit? With the mainstream media content to lie to us (in clear contravention of the BBC’s charter – and your license fee) the real news in this campaign has come from social media. Why should I pay a quid for a newspaper when there’s more hard information floating around Facebook and Twitter?

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thank christ for the bomb – the groundhogs

I lost my rucksack – on a train, this time. Tablet PC, charger, a couple of pen-drives, glasses, ear-plugs, headphones, a bunch of leads ‘n’ cables and general shit. I really am getting stupider. The Queen of Swords drove me to Dunfermline, where the guy we spoke to was seriously helpful, then to Edinburgh, where […]

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i travel – simple minds

It was a quarter to eight when I checked the weekly staffing rota and noticed that the next member of staff would be coming in at eight-thirty, not nine. I busied myself getting ready half an hour faster than I would ordinarily and lo and behold! My opposite number, a young woman I’d never clapped […]

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ultraviolence – metal urbain

I’m abroad. In deepest, darkest East Ayrshire, where the natives couldn’t care a whit nor a fig for my bibles OR my syphilis-encrusted blankets. I’ve had a long lie and spent today writing, soundtracked by the ‘Yol’ soundtrack, Be-bop deluxe and the Fall. Having just finished another novel (okay, the first draft of a novel!) […]

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people are strange – the doors

Walking around Edinburgh, experiencing what Robert Sheckley called ‘metaphoric deformation’. Basically, when we go somewhere unfamilliar, we see people we think we recognise. Then we do a double-take and realise it’s a complete stranger. The first time I remember experiencing this was in Leeds, September of 1979. I was seventeen as I drifted around the […]

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break up to make up – siouxsie and the banshees

Off for a week’s holiday. I’m writing this on the last day of term. A few more hours and I’m heading west to pick up my beloved Owner and Goddess and we fly out to Dublin a matter of hours later. Long-distance relationships are weird, but I’ve had so many now, I think I’ve ironed […]

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when i was a man and you were a woman – john foxx

It’s weird, being back in Liverpool after so long. I got into Lime Street, walked down past Clayton Square to Central Station and the memories rushed back up like a dodgy kebab. I grew up in Edinburgh, only moving away when I was in my mid-forties. Now, when I visit the place, I start to […]

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