the end – the doors

That’s 1919 finished. I got the new artwork this afternoon and it’s looking groovy. All I have to do now is add the artist’s contact details to the endstuff and it’s ready to take on the meatgrinder. It’s taken about seven years from first sitting down to write it to finally having the whole thing […]

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life – alternative tv

I’m going to take a week out from this blog before transgressionata goes live. I just heard this morning that a spot of research-time I’d hoped for just came through. It’s amazing how the universe just seems to spit what I need right into my lap, right when I need it. Sure, it would have […]

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out of control – kim fowley

#FollowFriday on twitter (or #FF). I don’t manage it every week, but when I do, I usually push the boat out and make of it something strange and beautiful. Yesterday afternoon, I based it on ‘the hunger games’ – and found two dozen people who hadn’t had the sense not to talk to me in […]

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porno base – 23 skiddoo

When I wrote ‘Erotic cleansing’, back in the 1990s, it was a joyful burst of enthusiasm and next-to-no actual talent or experience. Like a young Quentin Tarrentino, what ‘experience’ I had was secondhand. Where he learned from the great directors by watching their work and absorbing their genius that way, I had devoted my own […]

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eternity in paris – clock dva

Since I started writing, I’ve been a method writer. I do all my own stunts. Think Brando in ‘On the waterfront’, taking that pasting at the end for real. or giving Maria Schneider the butter upshove in ‘Last tango in Paris’. again, for real. There should still be copies of my book of short stories, […]

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