waiting – doctors of madness

I’ve sent out a couple of dozen review copies of ‘1919 (inside)’. Now I’m gnawing the palms of my hands, waiting for people to get back to me. And they haven’t. And I wait. (sigh) … Certainly, I’m not going to pull myself to bits while people get back to me. I have the planning […]

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down down – status quo

Finally made a start on revising ‘Light entertainment’ last night. I’ve been staring at it for the last few days, willing it to rework itself – nothing. The last year’s taught me that squeezing out a first draft in a month is possible. Hopefully I can now pick up editing in a similar amount of […]

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what a day – throbbing gristle

Another dead day. This not-writing’s killing me. It’s fine when I have a project to sink my teeth into, but the absence of that feels like the whole world’s in black and white. Look, Toto. Fucking Kansas – as far as the eye can see. The thing is, I’m still skull-exhausted after finishing ‘Dystopian’ and […]

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nothing – fluffy

Just couldn’t get going this morning. I woke up around seven and reached for the draft of ‘Light entertainment’ that I started going through last night. nothing. It just wouldn’t come. So, I changed tack. Had a look on twitter, read through a bit more of the scrivener manual. It’s only four days since I […]

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her – tindersticks

I finished ‘dystopian’ this morning and (so much for my not-writing-a-damn-thing-for-a-couple-of-days policy) I was walking to the bus stop and the ideas were bubbling up for the hassle-home novel! One-and-three-quarter hours, I lasted. Christ, woman! Okay, I’m still at the stage of trying out ideas, seeing if and/or where they fit together, but the point […]

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queen bitch – eater

When artists and writers refer to a flesh-and-blood woman as their muse, I always see that sort of femininity as essentially submissive. The young girl becomes a blank canvas the artist can bounce ideas off, her lack of sophistication matching his superiority in years and culture. Think an Eliza Doolittle who, instead of blossoming into […]

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f-oldin’ money – the fall

Got up at about 08:30 and wrung out another thirty-four-and-a-half hundred words of ‘Dystopian’, taking my total for the month up to forty-seven-and-a-half thousand. So far, I’ve added in three of the cut-ins I’d planned with two more to go. I guess tomorrow should see me completing it. And what a long, strange trip it’s […]

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the crusher – the cramps

I’m writing this at work. darkness has fallen, all the lord’s critters are tucked up in bed, leaving your humble narrator listening to John Zorn’s Electric Masada and figuring out where to shoehorn in that extra scene to ‘Dystopian’. It’s an idea I’d had a couple of weeks back, one of those ideas you know […]

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108 – head of david

National Novel Writing Month (www.NaNoWriMo.org) takes place every November and I really can’t recommend it highly enough. NaNoWriMo (as well as camp NaNoWriMo, now held in June and August) give one the opportunity – and encouragement – to attack a novel, to squeeze out a first draft in a month. After a life spent waiting […]

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