coogit bairns – sandie craigie

It’s amazing how birthdays bring out the bitter ‘n’ twisted in us all. I didn’t even realise how pissed off I still am about this. Today would have been Sandie’s fiftieth birthday, had she lived. When you don’t see someone for a while before they die (and the funeral’s an invite-only affair exes aren’t invited […]

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throne of agony – scraping foetus off the wheel

I’m finished. Well, apart from one more dossier (for someone who’s only in two scenes) and the last two scene-by-scene breakdowns. There’s one more day left before I commit NaNoCamp. The other day, I ran up a template for breaking each scene down into each of the five senses (and ‘other’) – hopefully, when it […]

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108 – head of david

National Novel Writing Month ( takes place every November and I really can’t recommend it highly enough. NaNoWriMo (as well as camp NaNoWriMo, now held in June and August) give one the opportunity – and encouragement – to attack a novel, to squeeze out a first draft in a month. After a life spent waiting […]

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at home, at work, at play – sparks

I discovered national novel writing month early last year and it blew me away. I joined at once and started making plans to write the great Gowkhall novel in November. I just happened to look in at their site in late June last year, where I learned that camp NaNoWriMo started on July first – […]

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the outsider – ian hunter

A Domme friend of mine commented recently, having read ‘dreich noir’, that she was amazed by all the vanilla sex therein. My second novel, ‘at home, at work, at play’, like ‘1919’, was about a fem-dom relationship. They always say you should write what you know, however I didn’t want to be ‘the guy who […]

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