the worker – fischer z

Having a proper and ergonomic working environment certainly makes all the difference! As of the other night, I have a comfortable chair and a beautiful desk. As well as my monitor at a more appropriate height to watch in bed. Still haven’t found a home for my new filing cabinet yet. I’ve finished revising the […]

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I write the b-sides – eels

I’ve just received the text from #2 son, informing me that my desk, chair and filing cabinet were delivered. I’m trying not to ‘freak the straights’ (baby), by lapsing into a brief-yet-spirited happy-dance, but it’s hard not giving in to the urge. So tonight’s primary task will be rebooting my bedroom from a fornicatorium fallen […]

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heroin – the velvet underground

I got a spanking recently. That’s good in itself – the subspace wrapping itself around me like a cotton-wool cloud. A bit less welcome though, was the sub-drop I experienced maybe thirty, thirty-six hours later. Now this might sound like judeo-christian bullshit (it does to me, for a start!) I don’t believe that ‘all pleasure […]

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digital – joy division

I watched ‘Control’ again the other night. It must be the fifth, sixth time i’ve seen it. First time I’ve noticed that Bowie ‘n’ Reed licenced their music for the film – but that Iggy didn’t. I heard that Bowie refused to allow any of his music to appear in ‘Velvet goldmine’ – which to […]

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rtx – heavy gator

I finally bit the bullet and signed into the 1919 groups on facebook and fetlife to explain that ‘1919 (outside)’ would be delayed. It feels like taking a step backwards, but with this illness, there’s no way I have the concentration to revise the manuscript before the end of the month. I need to put […]

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