the future used to be better – tv smith

In November 2012, i wrote,
“If Scotland gets independence in a couple of years, will there still be sufficient horrors to write about?”

Back then, i thought the referendum could have gone either way, but cast your mind back. Where you were then, could you have imagined this?

Crashing out of the EU, for no other reason than the right wing of the Conservative party would like a bit less parliamentary sovereignty. Taking our country back, indeed!

That ludicrous reality TV tangerine, with his sweaty little fingers on the nuclear button. People lose their jobs for less than that guy does at least once a month.

And social media, which we all moan about while we’re using, turns out to have been used by the unscrupulous to convince just enough turkeys to vote for the Christmas of no return.

Mibby these are the last few days of our culture. The planet’s overcrowded to breaking point – some of us are starving in the background while others amass resources they can’t possibly live long enough to spend. it’s like we’ve all swallowed the subliminal message that it’s high time we were extinct and gave something else a chance.

Supposing we were contacted by extraterrestrials. How would we explain the gross inequalities, the campaign against intelligence and the ridiculous gods we worship? There’d be a pretty good case for them wiping the whole sorry lot of us out and starting again from scratch.

Suppose there are no extraterrestrials. Supposing the life on this planet is the best the universe can do and we’re going to be seeding the universe with ourselves, spreading over unimaginable distances like a virus incapable of minding its own business? Let’s just think about that for a moment. Us. Filling the universe with our prejudices and xenophobia. Finding new worlds, filled with resources that we can exploit for the benefit of a tiny percentage while everybody else starves, works til they drop and produces children for our glorious overlords to fuck.

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