march of the pigs – nine inch nails

Incel (from Urban Dictionary) aka Involuntarily Celibate, a person (usually male) who has a horrible personality and treats women like sexual objects and thinks his lack of a sex life comes from being “ugly” when it’s really just his blatant sexism and terrible attitude. Incels have little to no self awareness; even when they see other “ugly” men with girlfriends, they consider these men to be tricksters who have somehow beat the system and can get women despite being cursed with unattractiveness (in other words, they’re respectful to women and women are attracted to their personalities, but incels can’t comprehend such a phenomenon). They believe that women owe them sex, and many of the more extreme incels like to spend time in incel communities on the internet coming up with ways to make women have sex with them (often involving genocide of people of color, genocide of ‘Chads’ (men who have sex), taking rights away from women, raping them, having sex with women’s dead bodies, and other horrid, disgusting things. They can’t understand that that is PRECISELY why women want nothing to do with them).

These incels really are a whiny flock of bitches, aren’t they? I’m speaking from the point of view of someone who’s spent most of his life as one of their legitimate targets (for at least murder) and now, in my mid-50s, I’m probably eligible to join the poor, sorry bastards.

Yes, I’ve had a FUCKLOAD of mind-blowing sex with willing partners over the years, which seems to have dried up a bit of late. And colour me nutty if you will, me not having sex doesn’t seem, on the surface anyway, a legitimate reason for me to rape anybody I’m attracted to. Or murder anybody I believe is getting a bit more than me. They really do seem to be the ‘snowflakes’ so beloved of the alt.right, don’t they? “Oh, woe is me! Ladies hate me and my cock – and it’s been going on so long, I’m unaware that rape is actually about POWER, not SEX.”

It’s as if ’50 shades of grey’ had been written by a tired and hungry 4 year old.
It’s what had to happen to PUA culture. Spent a fortune on ‘lessons’ on how to shag girls? Still not getting laid? It can’t possibly be the fault of the guy who took all my money off me – and now I can’t even afford to pay for dinner for one of these frigid lesbian bitches!

I’ll need to take the ‘direct approach’. No chocolates, no flowers, just a lightish tap with the poker and romantic happiness and fulfilment shall be mine!

OK, these are people for whom sex genuinely appears to be something that only ever happens to rich people or Americans, but a spot of research would no doubt show, and quite quickly, that forcing yourself onto an unwilling and enraged opponent is radically different to the way it’s depicted in all those (ahem) ‘educational’ DVDs. Although if there are fitted sheets involved, the bed will look about the same after either activity. Which probably counts as a swings/roundabouts situation from their perspective.

It really is entitlement gone mad. I personally don’t have any Glenfiddich in the house, but I don’t feel I’ve got the right to rape or murder anyone who has. “And those cunting bitches in Tesco are flaunting cases and cases of the stuff! Rubbing my nose in it!” (thrusts groin – aggressively – in the general direction of the shops) “Aye, you better run!”

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