i delete – tv smith

Like many other people over the last week or two, I’ve decided to #DeleteFacebook. I’ve been using it for around ten years now and enough is enough. I don’t tend to do their idiot quizzes (which Game of Thrones rape are you? Are you autistic? Take our quick quiz and find out!) but having ‘friends’ (by which I mean, exes and former band members from the 1970s and 80s) who are daft enough to fill these in, means my personal data can be harvested and I can be targeted by unscrupulous types who want to manipulate my feelings in the run up to some sort of democratic voting scenario.

If it’s being used to subvert democracy, what the hell else am I being sold?

Eny fule kno we don’t make decisions with our heads, it’s our hearts. Cambridge Rapist Analytica are just the latest organisation who’ve raised that theory to “an iron heel, stamping down on a human face, forever”.

With pretty much all media being composed of people who won’t be hurt too badly by brexit ripping the arse out of the economy or Westminster continuing to exploit Scottish resources – and owned by the sort of people who’re doing very nicely out of the status quo, thank you very much, it’s no surprise that most of what’s pumped into our homes and minds is propaganda for the 1%.

An optimist might say that they’re running scared of what the rest of us might do if they ever lose their grip. It probably won’t come down to Madame Guillotine on every street corner, but I do live in hope.

Twitter (@white_cell) was always the bearable version of Faceboak. I’ve been on there the best part of ten years and unless those in charge are at least strongly suspected of sending subliminal messages to vulnerable people to join ISIS or thereabouts, I’ll probably be there, spouting bile, for the foreseeable.

LinkedIn seems pretty dull. Like going to a wine bar with people you know slightly and all they have to talk about is their stupid jobs.

Skype (motorslug) still seems ok. I did worry when it was bought over by McRosoft’s (the twin hoops of hard-drive bloat). On there, I have a random selection of folks from different points in my life. The text facility’s handy for people letting me know they want a call.

Fetlife I’m not using so much these days. When I first started using it, it seemed like an improved (i.e. global) version of Informed Consent. Now, if anything, I find it too big.

Shapr seems to be LinkedIn for the cool kids, but I’ll give it time.


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