winter – the fall

If climate change is imaginary, why is the weather at the start of the news, instead of at the end? And last night, we had an hour-long Reporting Scotland special on the fact that it was a bit cold.

Across the country, people are being taken by surprise by a bit of snow. It’s not like the weather hasn’t happened before. And yet, each time, the tabloids sound like we’ve been invaded by refugees from outer space.

I’ve been off work all week as most of my colleagues were unable to get in. I’ve kept myself busy tinkering with the next aQa LP, watching ‘Homeland’ (again) and ‘The Bridge’. And rereading Jo Nesbo’s ‘The Devil’s Star’.

Being snowed in is a novelty. I live in Fife, where there are procedures in place because this has happened before.

In November 2010, at 5pm in Dunfermline bus station, the snow was hammering down. An inspector told everyone standing around that there’d be zero buses until the following morning. So I had to walk home. The following morning, at 06:00, I heard a bus passing. The gritters had been out overnight and kissed everything better. Right enough, I did live on the main road, half a mile away from the gritters’ HQ, but the fact remains – in Fife, sudden snowfalls are dealt with promptly and decisively. And, on that occasion, the snow was so bad, we didn’t see the car for six weeks.


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