devil behind that bush – the cramps

February 13th, 2018 is not only Henry Rollins’ 57th birthday, but for those of you familiar with the US sitcom ‘Parks and Recreation’, Galantine’s Day. It’s also the release date for some of my new work. Just in time for Valentines day, making it the perfect accompaniment to slow, languid lovemaking or a ferocious sexual attack under cover of darkness, depending on preference.

‘Sexorcism!’ is the first long player from aQa in quite some time, seven tracks of PowerDreich I’ve been working on for the last six months or so.
Have you ever needed to perform an exorcism in a hurry and not known where to begin? Then this album is for you!
Ladies! Are demons upsetting someone you love, getting in the way and spewing invectives and blasphemies in all directions? Simply turn down the lights, pop this into your music centre, and Bob’s your uncle!

’23 Minutes over Bootle’ is a stand alone track recorded in the same period as ‘Sexorcism!’
Channelling the souls of Martin Rev, Ken Dodd and Christopher Mayhew, this is a beautiful, meditative piece for domestic or bedroom use.

Everyone looks stupid when they make love – so why not let aQa guide you through the forest of communication to the waters of romance, where you can trap your feet in the shopping trollies of pleasure, screaming silent bubbles as you slip into the gentle murk and are forgotten, forever.

So whether your perfect Valentines day involves a candlelit offal-based meal or raised voices and coarse language, let aQa once again soundtrack your most intimate and/or ungainly moments.

Available Tuesday!


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