things can only get better – d:ream

I’m writing this on Friday – that’s last week to you. The Labour leadership results will have been announced over twenty-four hours ago. At present, nobody (apart from Burnham, Cooper, Kendal, Cameron, Osborne and the like) are predicting anything other than a Corbyn landslide.

Of course, for the great unhosed – and particularly in Scotland – the idea of a Labour man running the ‘Labour’ party is up there with Santa, elves, goblins and “I swear I won’t come in your mouth again this time.”

Unless the security services have managed to smear Corbyn with sex and/or drug allegations, the token lefty might just be now sitting in the seat last warmed by the human Miliband.

Corby’s said that, although violently opposed to Scottish independence, he’s prepared to work with the SNP to oppose the neoliberals and their narrative. And he believes Tony Blair should be tried (if not tarred and feathered) as a war criminal.

I haven’t always voted, but when I have, I’ve voted labour, right up until to May this year. With Corbyn at the helm of the Labour party, I’m going to have to think about voting SNP in future.

Which brings me to the single best thing about a Corbyn-led labour party. If he’s prepared to work with the SNP, then that’ll keep the SNP on the left and narrow. Win-win. Except for Burnham, Cooper, Kendal, Cameron and Osborne, obviously.

In the mid-nineties, a friend and I were talking about the shipwreck that was the last days of the Major government. A never-ending parade of increasingly ludicrous sex scandals, with public confidence dropping through the negative numbers like a fucked lift.

“The tories,” my mate said. “Are collapsing in on themselves. They’ve been in power so long, they’re rotten to the core.”

And that’s where the neoliberal agenda is now. Even its victim,s who bought into it up to this point, are starting to question the validity of a system that devours everything in its path, leaving nothing but billionaires.

Fingers crossed.


2 thoughts on “things can only get better – d:ream

    1. Definitely. I sincerely hope we’re witnessing the death of the neoliberal narrative. Neither our societies, nor the planet can take much more of it, so good riddance.


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