Celebrities endorse repeal of hunting ban

Prime minister David Cameron today said he was overjoyed at the latest celebrities to back his plan to repeal the ban on hunting.

Speaking to an audience of sexually stunted sadists this afternoon, The Prime Minister said that this showed the entire country was behind him.

In a massive boost to the campaign, celebrities have rallied to the cause, speaking at length about the pleasure they’ve derived from hunting. Peter Sutcliffe, an outspoken critic of women in society said he looked forward to the day hunting was legalised and his convictions overturned. “God tells me hunting’s right.” he beamed.

Ian Brady, who has recently been critical of the Conservative party, said that the decriminalisation of hunting was “a step closer to the perfect society.”

Dennis Nilson, who hunted at least a dozen young men under Margaret Thatcher, said that hunting had so much to offer. “The thrill of the chase,” he enthused, his eyes sparkling. “right up to that moment of complete capitulation. Nothing can compare to it.”

However, not all celebrity hunters are throwing their weight behind Mr Cameron. Rosemary West, a regular hunter up until the time of John Major, said that it was important not to lose sight of family values in the excitement of the hunt.


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