Plucky David Cameron yesterday travelled to Edinburgh to stand up to Nicola Sturgeon. Although cautious about entering the tyrant’s lair, he was accompanied by his companions, the quick-thinking George Osborne and the powerful Iain Duncan Smith.
Sturgeon, who recently swooped down on Westminster, vastly outnumbering the forces of good with her army of massive yet slow-witted creatures, had a list of demands which she forced our brave lads to listen to.
Among her demands were that England must hand over not only all of its income but ten percent of its children each year and also for a complete ban on all forms of cricket.
Sturgeon, who loves the sound of her own voice, also demanded that England execute former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, refusing to believe that Baroness Thatcher died of natural causes in 2013.
Scotland, the territory Sturgeon declared herself Empress of in 2014, is almost bankrupt and reliant on handouts from most developed nations and the International Red Cross.


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