wild is the wind – david bowie

I don’t see what all the fuss is about wind farms. They provide cheap, clean electricity that will never run out. There are, as I see it, only two significant problems. Firstly, birds collide with the propellers and secondly, they’re created – in part – out of rare metals. Which our planet cannot continue to provide. A bit like oil, really.

To the second of these, so are our computers and cell phones. And our cars. And our CD/DVD/Blu-Ray technology. And our plasma screens. And our washing machines. And our microwaves. And pretty much anything else with a chip in it. And nobody sensible is asking us to relinquish our grip on any of these, are they? Plus these minerals are often mined in areas of conflict, funding weapons for people to wipe out other people.

And to the former, well, let’s go back to cars, shall we? Cars are responsible for a veritable genocide on wildlife – not just the flying ones, but the ones that walk on the earth or burrow in it.

Between 1951 and 2006, 309,144 people were killed and 17.6 million were injured in road accidents in the UK alone. We don’t actually keep figures for other species, what with homo sapiens being so much more important than all the others put together, yeah?

Let’s face it, the human race is doing a fine job of wiping out every other species on the planet – and when we run low on them, other humans who don’t have the common decency to look, dress or think exactly like us.

Personally, I find wind turbines beautiful. Where I work, there’s a wind farm on the outskirts of town and I can honestly say I love the sight of them as they loom up before me, turning slowly and gracefully against the sky. Or on a good day, like say November of 2014, tearing round and generating more electricity than Scotland actually needs. A surplus.

I first got into wind turbines when I lived in Bootle. There’s a line of them, right up the Mersey and it was the first chance I’d had to see them – in formation – in their natural habitat. To me, they add to a view, they do not in any way detract from it.

How many of those violently opposed to wind farms are giving up their cars, GPS, laptops and mobiles? How many of them turn their computers off at night or make sure their phone chargers are switched off when not in use? It’s NIMBYism, pure and simple.


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