to defy the laws of tradition- primus

Watching ‘Question time’ last night (yeah, that’s why this is late – a lot happening) with Russell Brand and noted evil puppet Nigel Fromage, I’m struck by the increasing levels of separation in UK politics. In Scotland, we have record levels of engagement, people actually, y’know, discussing politics while the word from south of the border often seems to be that the damn fool jocks have had their referendum and can we all shut up about it now.

The red and blue tories are by now completely indistinguishable, with the only ‘dissenting’ voice being Fromage’s. Like me, you might find the idea of describing someone hell-bent on dragging Britain back to 1947 as ‘dissenting’, but Fromage is the only person even attempting to move the dialogue in present day UK politics out of the labour-tory coalition’s bland morass. It’s a shame he’s a cunt, really, as he’s the one person in the country whose (admittedly miserable) opinions are changing the playing field. Through wanking off people’s fears and using immigration as a smokescreen for everything.

UKIP is dragging the (blue) tories to the right, while the red tories clutch desperately to Cameron’s coat-tails – as they have since Kinnock first started clinging to Thatcher’s back in the eighties. It’s like a monstrous conga line, led by a Lovecraftian monster.

Neil Kinnock took about ten years to drag labour from Michael Foot to Tony Blair. Remember during and after the Falklands, when all your mates rushed to join the labour party as it was the only political party in this country where the rank and file made conference level decisions? Remember how disillusioned they were as labour moved to the right? That.

Scotland is traditionally a labour voting country and the labour party have done more than Thatcher, Major and Cameron to destroy that tradition. Labour today have about as much relevance as the liberals had throughout the twentieth century.


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