false grit- half man half biscuit

This blog was originally going to be a warts ‘n’ all writing procedural. Over the last year or so, the process of continuing to exist has meant a lot more focus on politics and the criminal behaviour of our betters, I’ve been looking into the Victorian era of late, an idea I’ve had for April’s […]

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to defy the laws of tradition- primus

Watching ‘Question time’ last night (yeah, that’s why this is late – a lot happening) with Russell Brand and noted evil puppet Nigel Fromage, I’m struck by the increasing levels of separation in UK politics. In Scotland, we have record levels of engagement, people actually, y’know, discussing politics while the word from south of the […]

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someone like you – adele

I don’t know about you, but with the government’s new anti porn law, I’ve completely forgotten that the economy’s arsed and sexual abuse of children has been endemic throughout our entire system for decades. So now, in a dazzling and inspired celebration of world AIDS day, our beloved coalition government have decided to put a […]

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