consent – clock dva

The sight of Iain Duncan Smith laughing openly at a rape survivor being punished with the bedroom tax for having the temerity to have a panic room in her home is shocking, but why should it be? After all, since 2010, the coalition government have attacked and victimised the most vulnerable members of our society. Old, poor, sick, disabled, or all of the above? Benefits slashed, vilified in the media as scroungers by a party without sufficient identity to stop a fringe nazi party dragging them even further to the right.

It now appears that chicken-hawks with connections all the way from Saturday night telly to Number Ten have had carte blanche to fuck and strangle as many children as they want to. Reports emanating from former police point to investigations being spiked to avoid smearing the good names of Very Important Paedos. And let’s face it, if ‘high ranking tory MPs’ are at the centre of the historic sexual offences, then we’re talking about Cameron, Osborne, Johnson et al’s heroes, the people who influenced them when they were mere baby-Bullingdons.

In the thirteenth century, the age of consent in this country was set at twelve years. In the sixteenth, that age was dropped to ten. Where it remained until Britain, by then a holiday hotspot for sex tourists, set it at sixteen in the nineteenth century.

Newspaper reports at the time, whipped up public feeling for these children and reports stated that “bluebloods and even princes of the realm” were among the punters. Sound familiar?

An apocryphal story, following the newspaper outrage about ‘the white slave trade’. The house of lords were discussing whether to raise the age of consent, when one lord suggested that getting rid of child prostitutes would be “denying our sons and grandsons” the initial sexual experiences that these men had, as young men, not only paid for but regarded as perfectly normal.

Now let’s look at the present day. Celebrities and politicians seem to be at the centre of the historic sex crimes that the establishment is doing its best to sweep under the carpet. The law, while being followed is having its feet dragged. The names of already dead politicians are being slowly admitted to, while all we know is that a ‘still serving MP’ has also been identified.

Maybe we’re being too harsh on these poor chicken-hawks. After all, this country has a fine old tradition of the sexual victimisation of the young, and with present day poverty at perfect levels to encourage a boost to the sex industry, a return to this particular ‘Victorian Value’ could be just what Cameron needs to drag us out of recession.

And it’s only a few kids that get hurt. Win-win.


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