the future – leonard cohen

One positive that’s come out of last week’s vote for more robbery, poverty and rape is that we almost won despite the combined weight of the country’s media. Every paper in the country – bar one – and the BBC, spewed propaganda. If you wanted news, you went abroad or you got it from Facebook and Twitter. The mass media showed their true colours and will find it increasingly difficult to get that credibility back. If George Osborne discovers a cure for cancer next week, only Nazis, imbeciles and people in terminal fear will actually believe this.
With over fifty thousand members, The SNP are now the third biggest political party in the UK. Only labour and the Conservatives have more members. There’s been a flood of new recruits to not just the SNP, but the Scottish green party, too. We, the forty-five percent who can still sing ‘Flower of Scotland’ with a straight face are going to keep fighting.
Tommy Sheridan joining the SNP was a surprise, but it’s against a backdrop of people I remember joining the Labour party at the time of the Falklands, when Labour were ‘the only party in the UK where the rank and file could make conference-level decisions’. How long ago and far away all that seems now!
The Labour party are finished. They’ve shown Scotland they’re no different to the other Tories and Cameron, showing an intelligence I hadn’t hitherto imagined, has effectively removed forty Labour MPs from voting on ‘English’ issues. In less than a century since the first Labour government, the alternative to the Whigs and the Tories have cosied up to them so much, they’ve sacrificed all credibility.
So where next? At the moment, the plan seems to be, vote SNP in the UK in 2015 – and in Scotland in 2016 – and push for another referendum in 2020. And remember, you can’t have a democracy without an independent media. We’re going to have to create – and be – that for ourselves.


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