the future – leonard cohen

One positive that’s come out of last week’s vote for more robbery, poverty and rape is that we almost won despite the combined weight of the country’s media. Every paper in the country – bar one – and the BBC, spewed propaganda. If you wanted news, you went abroad or you got it from Facebook […]

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video eyes – the bongos

Win or lose, who fancies boycotting the media for a bit? With the mainstream media content to lie to us (in clear contravention of the BBC’s charter – and your license fee) the real news in this campaign has come from social media. Why should I pay a quid for a newspaper when there’s more hard information floating around Facebook and Twitter?

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confessions of a psycho cat – the cramps

One thing about finishing another novel is, instead of just having a dip, lying in a drug-induced stupor, bemoaning the overwhelming sense of purposelessness, this year I have the Scottish independence referendum. As regular face-huggers of this blog will know, I’m an ‘AYE’ voter. Always have been, for reasons I’ve already detailed in previous posts. […]

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