thank christ for the bomb – the groundhogs

I lost my rucksack – on a train, this time. Tablet PC, charger, a couple of pen-drives, glasses, ear-plugs, headphones, a bunch of leads ‘n’ cables and general shit. I really am getting stupider.

The Queen of Swords drove me to Dunfermline, where the guy we spoke to was seriously helpful, then to Edinburgh, where everyone was extremely helpful. Unfortunately, the train containing my bag was, by then, almost in Dundee.

We hung around, ate food at each other and asked again. Still no sign of all my worldly goods.

This morning, I tried lost property once more. Nothing. Which must be great news for al qaeda cells everywhere. Stuff left on the overhead luggage racks will be ignored all the way into not one but two major population centres.

As the Groundhogs almost said, Thank Christ for the cloud. Everything’s backed up – including all my passwords (gods bless you, evernote) so I was able to reset all my passwords right away over my phone so nobody could buy a house or a car off the play store without my knowledge.

It’s looking like I’ve seen the last of my objects. Bad, but putting a positive spin on it, when I replace the tablet (and the thirty-two gigabyte memory card) I’ll be getting a bigger faster better one (which’ll no doubt take a sixty-four gig card).

It’s Like the glad game from ‘Pollyanna’. No matter what happens, it *could* always be a little worse, so why not focus on the positives?

The worst thing about all this is that I didn’t get any writing done yesterday. Out the house at 09:30, not back home until 22:30, too fucked to do anything more than an episode of ‘Nurse Jackie’ and bed. And by ‘bed’, I mean ‘unconcsiousness’ not ‘juicy scene from ‘Juliette’ by de Sade’.)

I caught up with the writing this morning. In fact, I’m only one hundred words behind where I ought to be today. And I’ve installed Kingsoft office on my phone, so I should be able to keep going tomorrow.

I have a few days off starting in a couple more days. Some of that time’s going to be devoted to rnr, but the rest will be spent slaving over a hot keyboard.


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