killer in the home – adam and the ants

I mentioned last week that I’ve completed dossiers for all four of my major characters. Actually, on closer inspection, I’d only completed three. The central character, the murderer, hasn’t got one yet. I thought I’d leave him until last and then, filled with the evangelical spirit, I forgot and started writing.

It’ll be interesting, having all my other characters nailed, whilst allowing their interactions with him to form their expectations of him.

I’ve started a twitter account for him (@ChosenSord), while I’m writing. So, as the other characters’ stories give pointers to him, he’s already tweeting in the style of taunty messages sent to the police by deranged crazed loners. So yeah, there’s a lot of me in him already.

This is a new way of characterising, which I’m enjoying so far. Since I have, as I think I’ve mentioned, the attention-span of a moth on crack, it’s important to me to find a way with each novel, to keep things fresh. Otherwise, I think I’d get bored with the whole process of writing and, I don’t know, take up Dadaist murdering instead.

This is making me think about this character in a totally different way to my other characters, creating (i think) a different feel to him compared to the others.

And I’ve had one or two limited interactions between him and some of my friends from my main twitter account (@white_cell). Hopefully, if people start conversing with him, he’ll come even more to life.

I’ve managed eight thousand words of the first draft in my first week and its started to pour out quite quickly, which is always a bonus. Hopefully I can nail this puppy to the floor by the end of the month and start on the final, final polish of dreich NOiR for publication in October.

Anyway, enough of this idle chit-chat! This violent pornography’s not going to write itself, is it?

@white_cell (real-ish person, pretty much)

@ChosenSord (imaginary fiend, ideally)


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