girls – the beastie boys

I’ve recently watched all of ‘Cracker’, featuring a whole host of before-they-were-famouses; Robert Carlyle, Samantha Morton, Ruth Sheen and several other half-remembered faces.
It’s one of those things I’ve been putting off watching for years and now I can’t remember for the life of me, why.
It didn’t take long to spot the formula: brutal murder/Robbie Coltrane obnoxious to someone/”ooh! What was he in again?”/police follow dead end/Coltrane chucked off case – usually rudely/Coltrane says something probing to someone when they least expect it/Coltrane brought back into fold/perpetrator caught/Coltrane shouting at them in cell or small room/confession/credits/glance at clock/”time for another one?”/bed.
Which probably sounds like I didn’t actually enjoy it that much!
I’m still wrestling with the novel I’ve penciled in to write in august. July’s out as Mistress is whisking me away to an out-of-the-way cottage for a week of beatings, humiliation and general up-to-no-good then.
I’m about halfway through Irvine Welsh’s ‘Sex secrets of Siamese twins’. And the fucker’s used a ‘folie a deux’ as his main plot, so I’ll not get away with basing August’s one around that.
C’est le guerre.
So I’ve had to find a different link for my central character and partner.
The book (Siamese twins) starts off not too bad, (although I’m not as fond of his American novels as I am of the Scottish ones.)
The central characters, Lucy and Lena are a well-drawn and fascinating mis-matched couple. Lucy Brennan, in particular grabbed me, although her voice reminded me of someone else’s from the kickoff. It took me a couple of chapters to realise it was Little Alex in ‘A clockwork orange’.
Then, when it gets going, it’s pretty good. Not as great as ‘Skagboys’. But definitely not going into the ‘I can’t finish this shite’ list (Stand up Sylvia Day, EL James, Stephanie Meyer).
Mibby I just hate women. Although, in all seriousness, I never kill any unless God specifically tells me to.


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