the means of production – lorelle meets the obsolete

Well, it’s ten days into NaNo and I’m twenty thousand words into another dreich NOiR novel. And yeah, I’ve not been too religious about keeping this blog up-to-date; a combination of personal crisis, too much time spent at work and nailing this NaNo-puppy to the floor. That and shite time management skills.
Anyhoo, my crappy internal life notwithstanding, it’s been a productive month so far.
I mentioned a while back that I was building from the setting up. I’ve also been writing the scenes in pretty much random order.
I started with the two big emotional scenes, then went back to the beginning and (two of my characters have an affair) introduced them, had them meet and had their sex life build up from initial fumbling to full on relationship.
It’s the first time I’ve worked this way and it seems to be working. Of course, the plot has coughed up all sorts of extensions and curlicues as I wrote.
So, last night, when I’d hit twenty k, I paused. This morning, I got up and stripped what I’d done so far down to note form and then added in all the scenes needed to keep it running smoothly (and, ideally – making sense).
Three pages of notes (and a great deal of copying/cutting/pasting later) and I have the blueprint for the completed work.


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