change – lou reed

There’s been a wee break in transmission in both my blogs. Quite a lot has happened – indeed how could it ever fail to be so, life being what it invariably is? As great uncle Lou said (before he died, obviously) “the only thing constantly changing is change; and change is always for the worst.”
I’ve been detoxing from social media for the last couple of weeks. Y’know, the way people who smoke a lot of dope take a month off, once or twice a year, just to see if they can still function without it? That.
As I mentioned a few weeks back, I’m structuring this April’s NaNoCamp around the backdrop; scenery, settings and so on, instead of the characters, my usual building blocks. It’s taken a wee while to get underway, but now that I’ve found my feet with this, it’s going swimmingly – and about bloody time too!
Anyhoo, I have been assigned my cabinmates – there are eleven this time around instead of the usual five. Two I know, all the rest are wasters and fantasists until they prove themselves otherwise. There was one friend I’d offered to support this year and he’s ended up out in limbo. Still, if he doesn’t gel with his new cabinmates and best friends, at least one of ours will drop out and we could always pull him in beside us. Where it’s warm.


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