first time – the boys

I’m planning NaNo 14 04. Traditionally with each novel I write, I’m trying to break on through into something I’ve never attempted before. With ‘1919’, I tried to write about my then present relationship, but with all the sex behind a veil. When I wrote ‘Dreich noir’, it sprang from a desire to create a central character as different from me as I could imagine.
It’s like Pixar – with ‘Toy story’, they set out to show what could be done with humanoid animation. With ‘A bug’s life’, light. With ‘Monsters inc’ they did the animation of fur and with ‘Finding Nemo’, water.
So, the cherry I hope to pop this time is setting. The basic building-blocks this time will be place, with the whole thing glued together with the usual prejudice against otherfolk. So yeah. Same old shit, warmed up again for you.
Another first is, this time I’m going in without a title. Generally speaking, I have a title fixed in my head before I kick off. It might change as I’m squeezing out the prose, but having a title gives me a focus, something in the distance to aim at when it’s the first week and fifty thousand seems a long way off.
For some reason, this year’s is just NaNo 14 04. Indexed rather than named. There’s a few weeks to go and the plot’s starting to coalesce. The characters are starting to talk to each other and those ludicrous/brilliant ideas from a few weeks back that wouldn’t fit anywhere are all slotting together at last. This must be how terrorists feel when a plan starts to come together.


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