change – lou reed

There’s been a wee break in transmission in both my blogs. Quite a lot has happened – indeed how could it ever fail to be so, life being what it invariably is? As great uncle Lou said (before he died, obviously) “the only thing constantly changing is change; and change is always for the worst.” […]

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first time – the boys

I’m planning NaNo 14 04. Traditionally with each novel I write, I’m trying to break on through into something I’ve never attempted before. With ‘1919’, I tried to write about my then present relationship, but with all the sex behind a veil. When I wrote ‘Dreich noir’, it sprang from a desire to create a […]

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sweet honey pie – the beatles

Does this smell like a smokescreen to you too? camerong’s posse of evildoers are in trouble – over scotland, the economy, the bedroom tax, ATOS… call it what you want, they need another scapegoat. “Ah, Harriet Harman. Perfect. (Strokes drugged white cat in his lap)… “Throw another bikini-clad teenager on the front page, Mr Dacre…” […]

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