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March 2014

change – lou reed

There’s been a wee break in transmission in both my blogs. Quite a lot has happened – indeed how could it ever fail to be so, life being what it invariably is? As great uncle Lou said (before he died, obviously) “the only thing constantly changing is change; and change is always for the worst.”
I’ve been detoxing from social media for the last couple of weeks. Y’know, the way people who smoke a lot of dope take a month off, once or twice a year, just to see if they can still function without it? That.
As I mentioned a few weeks back, I’m structuring this April’s NaNoCamp around the backdrop; scenery, settings and so on, instead of the characters, my usual building blocks. It’s taken a wee while to get underway, but now that I’ve found my feet with this, it’s going swimmingly – and about bloody time too!
Anyhoo, I have been assigned my cabinmates – there are eleven this time around instead of the usual five. Two I know, all the rest are wasters and fantasists until they prove themselves otherwise. There was one friend I’d offered to support this year and he’s ended up out in limbo. Still, if he doesn’t gel with his new cabinmates and best friends, at least one of ours will drop out and we could always pull him in beside us. Where it’s warm.


first time – the boys

I’m planning NaNo 14 04. Traditionally with each novel I write, I’m trying to break on through into something I’ve never attempted before. With ‘1919’, I tried to write about my then present relationship, but with all the sex behind a veil. When I wrote ‘Dreich noir’, it sprang from a desire to create a central character as different from me as I could imagine.
It’s like Pixar – with ‘Toy story’, they set out to show what could be done with humanoid animation. With ‘A bug’s life’, light. With ‘Monsters inc’ they did the animation of fur and with ‘Finding Nemo’, water.
So, the cherry I hope to pop this time is setting. The basic building-blocks this time will be place, with the whole thing glued together with the usual prejudice against otherfolk. So yeah. Same old shit, warmed up again for you.
Another first is, this time I’m going in without a title. Generally speaking, I have a title fixed in my head before I kick off. It might change as I’m squeezing out the prose, but having a title gives me a focus, something in the distance to aim at when it’s the first week and fifty thousand seems a long way off.
For some reason, this year’s is just NaNo 14 04. Indexed rather than named. There’s a few weeks to go and the plot’s starting to coalesce. The characters are starting to talk to each other and those ludicrous/brilliant ideas from a few weeks back that wouldn’t fit anywhere are all slotting together at last. This must be how terrorists feel when a plan starts to come together.

sweet honey pie – the beatles

Does this smell like a smokescreen to you too? camerong’s posse of evildoers are in trouble – over scotland, the economy, the bedroom tax, ATOS… call it what you want, they need another scapegoat. “Ah, Harriet Harman. Perfect. (Strokes drugged white cat in his lap)… “Throw another bikini-clad teenager on the front page, Mr Dacre…”
It’s perfectly reasonable that the National Council for Civil Liberties would have embraced Paedophile Information Exchange in the 1970s.
A wee history lesson. In the 1970s, PIE came above ground because looking at the gains made by the gay community since the passage of the Sexual Offences Act 1967, they (the chicken-hawk community) figured, why can’t we have some of that acceptance?
And in case you’ve had your head in a bucket of fucking earth for the last couple of years, half the light entertainers from the 1970s were sticking it in kids every chance they got. Hence Operation Yewtree.
In those days, PIE seemed like a perfectly reasonable step forward in the evolution of human sexuality. They used the right jargon, claiming they were ‘helping’ and ‘educating’ children about the ‘mysteries of love’. (It’s a long time since I read this shite, so any paedophiles wanking themselves silly over this, please forgive me if I’m quoting your holy scriptures incorrectly, yeah?)
It was only with PIE crawling out from their fetid nest, and drawing attention to themselves that we all started to think, hang on a minute. There’s something wrNog here. And that is what begat everything from ChildLine, to Frankie Boyle being able to make jokes about incest on television.
Fun fact: prior to 1972, sexual abuse was not noted on the medical records of children.
By the late seventies, paedophiles trying to gain acceptance. (And remember, kids – PIE wasn’t comprised of ordinary Joes who happened to like the itty-bitty- titty.) Nope, it had prominent members. people in government, social work, education and I think we can accept that the performing arts were pretty well represented there too.
Watching the Newsnight interview with Harriet Harman, she’s basically being punished because there wasn’t the moral panic around kiddy-fuckery that we take for granted today.
Forty years ago was another country. And I hope to Christ we’re not all too stupid to see that.

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