holiday in cambodia – dead kennedys

#scotland has been trending on twitter non-stop for about two weeks now – with all sort of freaks and weirdos (and one or two sensible voices)  all throwing up their tuppenceworth onto the pile of steaming outpourings that passes for discussion  in this here and now.
I just read that Gordon Brown’s threatening that if Scotland leaves the UK, we won’t be able to afford  pensions. Deal, Gogs. Since the the last labore government got rid of the age of retitement and Kim Jong Cameron hasn’t exactly rushed to reinstate it, what’re you threatening us with, exactly?  That we might lose the opportunity to slave until we perish of exhaustion and malnutrition? That we might no longer have the right to our heads skewered on a stake? I’ll take my chances with a country that resembles ‘holiday in Cambodia’ a wee bit less, ta.
The hand-wringing over us poor Scots and how we’ll perish like rats has all but ended now.  The main thrust of George Arseborn’s argument seems to be, ‘it’s my pound and it’s burst and it’s raining’. Since we don’t as a nation, seem to have the common stupidity to believe that the coalition who’ve attacked the most vulnerable people in the country – after demonising the bastards, of course – just want the best for Scotland, the velvet gloves are off and we’re staring into the iron fist. Of Gideon. Who, let’s face it, when you slot him in amongst the bullies at your school,  resembles, not the hard men that could actually take you, but the fat specky kid who, after the IDS hard men have leathered you, decides to try to prove something for himself. The same kid whose bitch as you kick for his cheek before throwing his glasses onto the roof of the school by way of reminding him not to be so bloody silly in future.
China Mieville’s ‘the city and the city’ should be compulsory reading in Scotland just now. Especially the bits about economics. We’re already the poor relation and threatening to strip us of our debts really isn’t going to make much of a difference.
Basically, Tories-R-Us have given it their best shot and if that’s the best the anglo-saxons can do, when we all stop laughing, it’ll be a resounding ‘AYE’ vote.
We’re a celtic people, given to passion and coarse language and hitting things that seem unfair to us. Sometimes we get it wrong, but a lot of the time we get it right, too.
And in the red white and blue corner, the mongrel, multiply invaded and ethnicly cleansed by anyone who fancied invading over the centuries. Just remember, when the Romans were making David Cameron’s granny their bitch, they had to build a wall to keep us out. Such is the respect with which the Scots have been treated since we first came over from Ireland and ethnically cleansed the shit out of the indigenous Pictish folk back-in-the-day.
I’m not sure where it goes next. First, bullies give out dominance signals, “I’ll kick your cunt in” or the politicallty correct equivalent. If that doesn’t work , (and I’ve found a smack in the mouth often changes their approach for them) then they give submission signals. The fists disappear, the be replaced by tears. “oh, you big bad man, how can you give me such a hard time?”
The ones I met at school were wankers and Cameron’s junta are no different, believe me.
One problem is, salmond seems to be being built up into a messianic figure – not by us but by the ‘naw’ lot. And as a politician, he’s a cunt until proven otherwise. Common sense should tell you that.


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