I’m finishing work for a well-deserved break away from my work and all the day-to-day bullshit that clutters me. It’s also a time for reflection and planning – as of today, I’ve been in my present relationship for a whole year. Twelve months ago today, I first met my present owner in a coffee shop in Glasgow. This afternoon, we texted, discussing all the things each of us had done for the first time this last year.
It’s funny, year milestones are how I measure distance in life. Today I look back over the last twelve months and together, we make plans for the next twelve.
In the last year, we’ve both done things we’d never done before, broken new ground in so many areas. We counted them up on the phone the other night. Music we’d never have heard if it wasn’t for the other. Sayings we’d never have heard – or used – if the other hadn’t used then in front of us. Experiences that couldn’t have happened if we’d never met.
And, on top of everything else, the last year has flown in. Okay, time will seem to speed up as one gets older, but these twelve months seem to have taken three, mibby four.
I wonder where we’ll be in another year? I’ve been told we’re having *that* discussion at some point this week, so I wonder where that’ll lead?