death of an electric citizen – edgar broughton band

We seem to be in the throes of some kind of weird-ass, stop-start spring. Has anybody else noticed the bird’s nests appearing in trees that haven’t even grown leaves yet? We’re going to lose a lot of birds this year, I fear. And, meteorologists have predicted that this coming summer will be a savage, brutal, […]

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holiday in cambodia – dead kennedys

#scotland has been trending on twitter non-stop for about two weeks now – with all sort of freaks and weirdos (and one or two sensible voices)  all throwing up their tuppenceworth onto the pile of steaming outpourings that passes for discussion  in this here and now. I just read that Gordon Brown’s threatening that if […]

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i travel – simple minds

It was a quarter to eight when I checked the weekly staffing rota and noticed that the next member of staff would be coming in at eight-thirty, not nine. I busied myself getting ready half an hour faster than I would ordinarily and lo and behold! My opposite number, a young woman I’d never clapped […]

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there isn’t anything else – wreckless eric

The situation whilst I’m on holiday with my Partner: generally, I’m exhausted when I arrive. Too knackered for anything more than Radio Six and unconsciousness. We blobbed about half-nine, caught some of the Wreckless Eric session on Gideon Coe before everything went black. She goes out to work, leaving me a list of jobs to […]

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paper roses – marie osmond

I’m finishing work for a well-deserved break away from my work and all the day-to-day bullshit that clutters me. It’s also a time for reflection and planning – as of today, I’ve been in my present relationship for a whole year. Twelve months ago today, I first met my present owner in a coffee shop […]

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let’s dance – david bowie

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death has stunned me. I’ve long regarded him as the finest supporting actor in the world, like George C Scott or Gary Oldman (before he made ‘Leon’, obviously). I wasn’t aware Hoffman was battling an addiction – why would I be? He was Lester Bangs in ‘almost famous’, The Count in ‘The […]

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